Exceed! Basic Testimonials

Exceed!™ Basic provides basic tools for smaller nonprofits' fundraising and donor managemenet needs. Don’t take our word for it listen to some of our satisfied customers:


"The helpful attitude, responsive follow-thru, and number of years Telosa has been in business made our decision to purchase Exceed! Basic an easy one."

Steve Harris
Mountains Restoration Trust




"We have been very pleased with our decision to purchase Exceed! Basic for our donor management needs. We easily imported our existing data using the Exceed! Basic Importer, and find the product very easy-to-use overall."

The Rev. Dr. Stephen L. White
The Episcopal Church at Princeton University




"Exceed! Basic has been very easy to get started with, and has allowed our very small organization to organize, understand and report on our current fundraising in simple yet powerful ways. It is also helping us get prepared for an upcoming capital campaign, by helping us understand our current giving base."

Barb Evenson
The Dahl




"We are very pleased with Exceed! Basic, and enjoy using it as our donor management solution. We have found Exceed! Basic to be very flexible and user-friendly, compared to other database programs we have worked with. We've also been very happy with Telosa's training and customer support services."

Kathy Bishop
Chaparral House




“I recently decided to replace PledgeMaker as our donor management solution. After thoroughly reviewing seven, donor management products, Exceed! Basic was the clear winner. Exceed! Basic makes processing contributions, sending thank-you letters, extracting giving histories and running reports very easy. Exceed! Basic offers all the attributes of software three times its price. Even my data conversion and training needs were handled professionally and seamlessly.”

Steven F. Martinez
American Floral Endowment




"As the Executive Director of a small nonprofit, the great price and wide range of capabilities that Exceed! Basic provides made it an easy choice for my organization. Also, the customer support and follow-up I received when installing the software and importing new data was fantastic."

Kristen Mickey
FACES for Kids




"Finally, and just in time: genuinely affordable, genuinely good fundraising software. CompassPoint has worked with Telosa over many years and knows they give strong product support and are committed to real-life nonprofit success. They should take the exclamation point off of their product name . . . Exceed! Basic earns it on its own."

Jan Masaoka




"I've found Exceed! Basic user-friendly and complete with features just right for our donor management needs. The one-day training was a very cost-effective and efficient way to get up and running quickly."

Luisa Smith
The Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance




"After attending the brief Exceed! Basic webinar, it was clear to me that our organization needed this very affordable software to better manage our donors and fundraising efforts. The support team helped me get up and running quickly, and I've found Exceed! Basic to be a great improvement over our homegrown database."

Emily Piccirillo
Pediatric AIDS/HIV Care




"Exceed! Basic offers all the tools smaller nonprofits need to get started quickly. For a small organization like the Volunteer Center of Contra Costa, Exceed! Basic has helped us to stay on top of our fundraising activities. With easy-to-use components, Exceed! Basic is a dramatic improvement from our home-built database, and has positively impacted the way we operate as an organization in no time."

Tracy Murray
Volunteer Center of Contra Costa




“When you work in a small nonprofit organization, you often find yourself torn in two directions. You understand that technology will save you money, but can't spend the initial costs to implement it. When we heard Telosa Software was developing a new scaled-down version of their flagship donor and information management product for under $500, we knew Exceed! Basic was the solution we have been waiting for.”

Alla Zeltser-Fitch
Doran Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired




"CEN is currently using Exceed! Basic, and we have found it to be an extremely efficient and user-friendly tool to build the database infrastructure to support our ongoing fund-raising efforts."

Molly Polidoroff
Center for Excellence in Nonprofits