Exceed! Premier Testimonials

Exceed! Premier is a complete solution for your fundraising and donor managmenet needs. Don't take our word for it --listen to some of our statisfied customers:


"We've been extremely pleased with our decision to move from Blackbaud's RaiserEdge to Telosa's Exceed! Premier donor management software. The cost and complexity of Blackbaud was becoming a drain on our resources. We purchased and installed Exceed! Premier, converted our data, and received customized onsite training all for what our annual support to Blackbaud was costing us. Exceed! Premier meets our needs and we successfully completed our direct mail letter campaign to over 2000 supporters less than a month after installation."

Carolyn Howell
YWCA Birmingham






"Nonprofits need solid, affordable donor management software — particularly the vast majority of us that are far beyond the basics, but don't need the ultra-expensive, high-end software. . .Exceed! Premier is great fundraising software and is an excellent choice for nonprofits: it is high-quality, affordable, and as icing, it has strong product support. They should take the exclamation point off their product name: Exceed Premier can earn it on its own."

Jan Masaoka
CompassPoint Nonprofit Services






"The sales and support staffs could not have been more helpful and thorough. Exceed! Premier is so intuitive you almost don't need a manual to use it!"

Robert Glass
National Kidney Foundation of Arkansas







"A computer is like a car. You don't want to spend your time under the hood, you want to spend your time driving it. Exceed! Premier is like a clean, well-running engine for our car. It minimizes the time we spend behind our computers, so we can spend more time in front of people. And the price is right; it's very well-priced for everything that it offers."

Bill Somerville
Philanthropic Ventures Foundation







"Exceed! Premier and its unique capabilities has helped us to double the amount of money raised thus far in our campaign to renew Slide Ranch."

Jennifer Newman
Slide Ranch






"Since implementing Exceed! Premier, we have tripled the funds we have raised through the Children's Education Fund and have nearly doubled our annual gift to the School District in the past two years."

David Bailard
Las Lomitas Education Foundation






“Exceed! Premier is truly an effective fundraising tool. It will definitely help us all become more efficient and responsive to our donors.”

Jennifer Shreve
Rebuilding Together